Epson ET-4500 Driver Download

Epson ET-4500 Driver Download

Epson ET-4500 Driver Download

Printer Reviews– There is a big difference in price, with ET-4500 costs about four times. But what is almost not print at all, there will be much more expensive in the long run. And ET-4500 comes with enough ink to 11,000 monochrome pages (if you use an alternative laser monochrome), or 8500 color pages, all with results based on the test page ISO / IEC standards. To print the same number of pages with Epson WF-2650, you have to buy a value of more than $ 1,600 from the ink cartridge. It does not include the cost of the printer.

ET-4550 offers free Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi direct contact as an option. The basic features include the ability to print from the MFP and fax, and scan to, a computer, in addition to stand-alone copier and fax machine’s capacity. The main features of the other central office fax is a 30-sheet automatic document feeder (ADF), which complements the letter-size flat, and can handle up to legal size pages.

Limited paper handling capability of 150 sheets, which is what makes the most appropriate printer for personal use or for light-duty use as a shared printer. However, it also includes two-sided (duplex), and will receive additional.ET-4550 and has the support of mobile printing and scanning. If you install it on your network, you can print and scan via the cloud, using the contact service Epson, for the selection of locations including Box, Dropbox, Evernote and Google Drive assuming, of course, that the network connected to the Internet. You can also connect to the printer via an access point to print from or scan to fire iOS, Android, or Kindle or Tablet PC.

If you connect the ET-4550 on a single computer via a USB cable instead of the network, you give up the ability to print through or scanning to the cloud. However, you will still be able to use Wi-Fi Direct to connect directly to the printer from your mobile device to print and scan.

The left side of the printer includes a set of ink tanks, with the lid on the top side and is transparent to let you know how much ink is left in each tank. To fill each one, you must first set the appropriate ink bottle by removing the top, and the fall of the seal, to replace the above, the breaking of the neck of the bottle. You can then open the hood, remove the rubber cover of the tank, and carefully insert the top of the bottle neck to open the tank.

They do not bind, or dock in any case, but no extensions out of the bottle neck joint. Which allows you to place a small hole in the tank to make sure you do not slip off the opening and spilling any ink, while still keeping you put the bottle in very far. The neck is also narrow enough that you have to press the bottle to force the ink go, instead of casting in reality, and you have to press several times to empty the bottle.

All of these are generally well described in the book setup, though, that there are some very strange directions, including “do not drink the ink.” (Truly). There are also many warnings about not spilling ink, instructions for how to handle it if you, including pessimistic, “If the ink gets clothes or belongings, it may not come to fruition.”

To avoid problems, I made sure to choose the location of the printer is well back from the edge of the table, so it is not possible to stretch anything on the ground. I also put the printer on a paper towel and sitting on top of a plastic bag, and wearing rubber gloves on both hands. I managed not to get ink on paper towels, but I can not say the same for the gloves. If you do not have handy, and you would do well to buy some before installing the printer.

The good news, of course, is that once you fill up the tank, you can print thousands of pages before you have to fill up again with the second set of bottles and printing is still a lot of pages before you need to buy more ink. Even when you do, it will not cost a lot for the next set. Prices on the Epson website for a 140 ml bottle of black ink with the result of 6,000 pages only $ 19.49. Price heavenly 70 ml, yellow and purple bottle with a result of 6,500 pages $ 12.99 for each color.

Epson ET-4500 Driver Download

Support for Operating Systems:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP
  • Mac Os X
  • Linux

Epson ET-4500 Driver Download Windows

Epson ET-4500 Driver Download Windows 7
Epson ET-4500 Driver Download Windows 8
Epson ET-4500 Driver Download Windows 8.1
Epson ET-4500 Driver Download Windows 10
Epson ET-4500 Driver Download Windows XP

Epson ET-4500 Driver Download for Mac Os X

Epson ET-4500 Driver Download Mac Os X 10.11.x
Epson ET-4500 Driver Download Mac Os X 10.10.x
Epson ET-4500 Driver Download Mac Os X 10.9.x
Epson ET-4500 Driver Download Mac Os X 10.8.x
Epson ET-4500 Driver Download Mac Os X 10.7.x – Mac Os X 10.6.x- Mac Os X 10.5.x

Epson ET-4500 Driver Download for Linux


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