Epson CX5500 Resetter Software Download

Epson CX5500 Resetter Software Download

Epson CX5500 Resetter Software Download

Printer Reviews– The Stylus CX5500 is Epson’s entrance level multi-capacity printer, offering essential usefulness in an economical bundle. In spite of the fact that its moderately low value point will definitely tempt purchasers, potential clients ought to know about its poor form quality and unremarkable execution.

In spite of the fact that the manufacture nature of most Epson printers and multi-capacity units is faulty, this is especially the case for the CX5500. The unit is built totally of plastic and is massive contrasted with contending units. Its sole paper feeder is found at the back, making it hard to alter; the shaky back backing for media does little to change our sentiment with respect to manufacture quality. Most moving parts feel as though they are nearly breaking, and regular utilization of the machine around the home could without much of a stretch lead to broken pivots. In spite of the fact that this can be credited to the CX5500’s sticker price, there is a superior fabricated option accessible: the Canon PIXMA MP210.

Amid testing, we observed the CX5500’s printing paces to be to a great extent unremarkable. In spite of the fact that draft quality content reports printed at 14 pages for every moment, typical quality backed yield off to 2.8ppm. Content archives with graphical components had fundamentally slower printing speeds, with the multi-capacity overseeing 6.7ppm at draft quality and 1.12ppm at ordinary quality. Speeds for 4x6in photographs weren’t quick either, with ordinary quality photographs imprinting in 4min 27sec. In spite of the fact that we don’t anticipate that the CX5500 will meet the benchmarks set by more costly models, the stark distinction in velocity and quality amongst draft and typical settings is a major issue for this multi-capacity.

Print quality was sufficient for a family-situated printer. In spite of the fact that printed content reports were at focuses somewhat worn out, the content stayed clear at all levels of value. Draft quality archives are much lighter than records printed at higher quality settings. Records with graphical components by and large had clear content over every single quality setting. Nonetheless, shading propagation was entirely off base, with best quality tests uncovering washed-out hues that needed force.

The same was valid for photograph printing tests. A red suggestion is instantly perceptible in 4x6in and A4 photographs. This loans well to substance tones, yet affects brutally on soul and blacks. Thus, blacks and grays are ineffectively characterized, and outside shots including skies will unavoidably convey a rosy shade. There is additionally some proof of banding. This is especially recognizable in A4 photographs, however shouldn’t be an issue for the individuals who just need 4x6in photographs.

Despite the fact that the CX5500’s 1200dpi filtering determination is low in contrast with the 4800dpi regular of more costly models, the lower determination ought to be adequate for ordinary use. Filtering quality was sufficient. Likewise with numerous Epson multi-capacities, the CX5500 showed a darker picture in contrast with Canon items, which takes into consideration a more practical picture. It can likewise bring about a slight loss of point of interest in darker pictures, in spite of the fact that the bargain is by and large satisfactory.

The CX5500’s expense per page of 17c is fantastic. In mix with its low starting value, this will effortlessly persuade a few purchasers. Be that as it may, in case you’re searching for a long haul, spending plan multi-capacity there are preferred quality alternatives over the CX5500.

The CX5500 arrives in a brilliant solid body with an exquisite dark complete that would suit pretty much any desktop out there. The entire look of the unit is extremely moderate, with simply the fundamental catches on the left side for capacities, for example, Power, Stop, Color Photo, Color Text and B&W photocopy.

There’s no backing for memory cards here or any sort of a showcase, similar to a portion of the more up to date models accessible nowadays, yet that is somewhat defended at its value point… sort of! Still, the printer looks smooth and the manufacture quality won’t give you any motivation to gripe.

The CX5500 utilizes four ink cartridges (CMYK), wherein lies its greatest offering point — the capacity to utilize typical limit ink cartridges alongside spending plan ones. As it were, while the ordinary limit ink cartridges want around Rs. 460, on the off chance that you assume that you don’t utilize a specific shading, similar to say, yellow as much as you utilize alternate hues, you have the choice of purchasing the lower limit ink cartridge of that shading, which would cost you just Rs. 250.

Epson CX5500 Resetter Software Download

Support for Operating Systems:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP
  • Mac Os X
  • Linux

Epson CX5500 Resetter Software Download Windows

Epson CX5500 Resetter Software Download Windows 7 X32 x64
Epson CX5500 Resetter Software Download Windows 8 7 X32 x64
Epson CX5500 Resetter Software Download Windows 8.1 7 X32 x64
Epson CX5500 Resetter Software Download Windows 10 7 X32 x64
Epson CX5500 Resetter Software Download Windows XP

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